Why does BJP care about women in West Bengal, but not in Manipur?

Politics around women’s security undermines strides made towards their development The BJP’s “double engine” hypocrisy

Nepal’s coalition politics, a game of musical chairs

Coalition politics in Nepal increasingly resembles the game of musical chairs; in Kathmandu too, it

Game of musical chairs continues in Kathmandu

With shifting alliances, elastic ideologies of political parties, and personal ambitions of leaders, political instability

Hindu Nationalism and the New Jim Crow

Is India under Narendra Modi, who became prime minister in 2014, beginning to resemble the

The death of humanitarianism

How the West is paying the price for the unipolar moment. They called it “the

The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers redux

The 20th century’s most influential history book foresaw the collapse of the Soviet Union and

Crises Only Sometimes Lead to Change. Here’s Why ?

The coronavirus pandemic has upended Western economies, many of which are now facing their gravest crises

The Age of Intelligence Diplomacy

The Iraq War highlighted its risks. Russia’s war in Ukraine showcased its opportunities. I will

Genetics journal retracts 18 papers from China due to human rights concerns

The Guardian: Researchers used samples from populations deemed by experts and campaigners to be vulnerable

Capitalism’s Barbarity is on the Rise

The most incredibly cruel instance of this is the genocide of Palestinians with the combined

No news is bad news for all of us, Meta

Yes, social media causes emotional whiplash, but for many, it’s the only way to stay

A.l. will make jobs more human

There have been just a handful of moments over the centuries when we have experienced

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