Geopolitical Chaos Amidst Elections in Russia and India

The approaching elections in India and the recent elections in Russia share some remarkable similarities.

How to Prevent a War Over Taiwan

Much has changed since the 1970s, when Richard Nixon and Mao Zedong devised the “one

Netanyahu Must Go

It’s no secret to readers of this column where I stand on Israel’s war in

The New Idea of India

Narendra Modi’s reign is producing a less liberal but more assured nation. From the middle

Israel Is Making the Same Mistake America Made in Iraq

, and we’ll send our latest coverage to your inbox. As the war in Gaza reaches

The Birth Dearth and the Smartphone Age

My newsroom colleagues Jason Horowitz and Gaia Pianigiani have a lovely report this week about family-friendly policies

Britain isn’t a free country

I’m old enough to remember when ‘it’s a free country’ was a phrase people used

The Appalling Tactics of the ‘Free Palestine’ Movement

Last week, Susanne DeWitt, an 89-year-old Holocaust survivor who later became a molecular biologist, spoke

Both Biden and Trump are foreign-policy flops, argues John Bolton

Threats will go unthwarted, whoever wins in November, says the former national security adviser Mar

The One Idea That Could Save American Democracy

These days, we often hear that democracy is on the ballot. And there’s a truth

Gurcharan Das on why it’s lonely being an Indian liberal

But the attraction of Hindu nationalism will fade, argues the author TE(Mar 19th, 2024): I

Relentless power play in Kathmandu

Prime Minister Prachanda has managed to stay at the helm in one coalition govt after

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