The world’s economic order is breaking down

Critics will miss globalisation when it is gone In late April, for the 75th time

The Happiness Gap Between Left and Right Isn’t Closing

Why is it that a substantial body of social science research finds that conservatives are happier than

The Collapse of the News Industry Is Taking Its Soul Down With It

The decline of the media is sapping journalism of a crucial tool. A general view

What Is American Nationalism?

The Nation of Theseus What is America? What does it mean to be an American?

The Chilling of the Fourth Estate After 10 Years of Modi

The Indian prime minister has demonstrated that there is only one form of journalism he

Washington Keeps Choosing the Wrong Moment to Challenge China

The TikTok ban shows how decisions end up rushed—after being ignored. MAY 6, 2024 :

Getting Back to Basics on Free Speech

US, May 6: At colleges and universities across the country, from Cal Poly-Humboldt to Columbia,

When It Comes to TikTok, the World’s Democracies Have Played the Sucker for Far Too Long

China’s violations of human rights and the basic norms of internet freedom are blatant and

Democracy Has Run Out of Future

The underlying reason for the West’s democratic crisis may be a lost sense of open-ended

Geopolitical Chaos Amidst Elections in Russia and India

The approaching elections in India and the recent elections in Russia share some remarkable similarities.

How to Prevent a War Over Taiwan

Much has changed since the 1970s, when Richard Nixon and Mao Zedong devised the “one

Netanyahu Must Go

It’s no secret to readers of this column where I stand on Israel’s war in

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