Journalist assaulted during Amit Shah rally, FIR lodged

The journalist, Raghav Trivedi, who works for a YouTube news channel called ‘Molitics’, said that

The Chilling of the Fourth Estate After 10 Years of Modi

The Indian prime minister has demonstrated that there is only one form of journalism he

PM Modi’s photo removed from CoWIN certificates

Similar removals occurred during previous State Assembly polls; Mr. Modi’s name has also been removed

The New Idea of India

Narendra Modi’s reign is producing a less liberal but more assured nation. From the middle

Indian CJ Chandrachud Quotes Aristotle, Tells Judges: ‘Loyalty Must Lie With Court, Not Partisan Interests’

To quote Aristotle ‘human beings are political animals’. Lawyers are no exception, Chief Justice of

Patanjali ‘Misleading’ Advertisements: Supreme Court Slams Centre For ‘Keeping Eyes Shut,’ Yoga Master Ramdev Issues An Apology

In the last hearing, the Supreme Court slammed Patanjali for failing to obey its directives

Gurcharan Das on why it’s lonely being an Indian liberal

But the attraction of Hindu nationalism will fade, argues the author TE(Mar 19th, 2024): I

Data Dump Exposes the Fuzzy Lines Between Money and Politics in India: NYTimes

Lists of donors and beneficiaries cast government contracts and police investigations in an unflattering new

Nepal’s coalition politics, a game of musical chairs

Coalition politics in Nepal increasingly resembles the game of musical chairs; in Kathmandu too, it

Narendra Modi visits Kashmir

New Delhi: India’s general election is due to begin in April. Narendra Modi, the prime

How the Ram Mandir Has Transformed India

To some, Modi’s new temple embodies the revival of a Hindu golden age. To others,

To see India’s future, go south

The country’s regional division could make it—or break it Most people know that India is a rising

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