Traffic blocked in Karnali corridor

Humla, July 8: Landslides have disrupted inner vehicular movement along the roads in the Karnali corridor.

Initially, the road was blocked after the wooden bridge built on the Namkha of Sinkot Hilsa road and Hekpa River on the border of Simkot Rural Municipality was swept away by the flood.

Police Inspector Narendra Chand said that the Yari-Hilsa section road has been blocked as 20 meters long road at Nara Lekh  Namkha Rural Municipality-5, on Sunday morning. 

Similarly, the road has been destroyed by the landslide in the Chyachara section. The road of the Simkot Kharpu section which was operating regularly, has been blocked due to a landslide since Sunday as well. Likewise, due to the landslide in Kalamunda of Sarkegad Rural Municipality-4, the road of Karnali corridor of Sarkegad-Kharpunath road section is blocked. 

Police Inspector Chand said that no road in the Humla section of the Karnali corridor has been in operation Since Sunday. Likewise, the inner roads are closed as well. Bars Gaun, Thehe, Dojam roads are blocked. All these roads have gone muddy because of being unpaved and rainfall for four consecutive days. 

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