Electronic gate pass system in Singha Durbar from July 16

Kathmandu, July 8: The entry through the electronic pass will come into effect from July 16.  

According to the Spokesperson of the Ministry of Home Affairs Narayan Prasad Bhattarai, the electronic pass can be obtained online to ease entry. 

Spokesperson Bhattarai said “One can get the pass by applying online and can get entry through the electric pass. The old system still prevails to those who fail to get an electronic pass.” 

He said that one needs to log in to the Home Minister’s website, fill up all the necessary details mentioned and bring the approved pass by taking a picture or screenshot to get the entry to the Singha Durbar. For that, there is a provision for the smart user. 

“This initiative is made to ease the entry to Singha Durbar. One gets the pass by filling up the authentic website of Home Ministry. We call them smart users and others are categorized as ordinary users.” 

He said, “The issue of security is old. There will be necessary checking from police before giving entry but this online provision has been started to ease the users.” 

The process of getting an online form is not tedious. 

He said, “There is a process of getting entry through electronic pass saying that at first one needs to go to the website, log in on it and send the request for the electronic pass. When and to whom to meet needs to be filled up and after getting approval from the concerned ministry then one can get the entry. If the concerned person is busy then the time will be given for visitation.” 

There will be necessary checking from the Police after getting an electronic pass. 


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