New coalition formed for establishing political stability: Dr Shashanka Koirala

Chitwan, July 5: Nepali Congress leader Dr SNepali Congress leader Dr Shashanka Koirala has said that the two large parties representing in the Parliament have forged new coalition for bringing political stability in the country. 

Talking to journalists here today, he said the two largest parties will form a government of national consensus for political stability in the country.

“It’s good that the two large parties are working together, but the opposition also needs to be equally strong in democracy,” he added. 

Acknowledging that although federalism has been in implementation, the political parties have not been able to make the people understand about the federalism, leader Koirala argued that the federal government should allocate budget taking the provinces into consideration while making the budgetary allocations. 

Noting that the overall development of the country is possible only through decentralization, all the political parties should act accordingly while internalizing this fact. 

Responding to a question by journalists, leader Koirala expressed the confidence that Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ will step down after addressing the parliament.(RSS)

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