“To love someone (Oli) a mistake I made…”: PM Prachanda

Kathmandu: After the UML ministers submitted their resignations informing about the withdrawal of support, Prime Minister Dahal became speechless, singing veteran Nepali singer Fatteman’s song. He is in a dilemma whether to pave the way immediately or face a vote of confidence in the Parliament.

‘Such things do happen Sometimes in life To love someone Was a mistake I made…’

While eight UML ministers were submitting their collective resignations at 8:30 PM on Wednesday, Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal became speechless, singing this song by Fattaman Rajbhandari, composed by Yadav Kharel. He did not express any further opinions. Without saying anything else, he took a group photo with the UML ministers and bid them farewell.

UML’s 8 Ministers with PM Dahal, @farewell group photo in PM residence.

The ministers arrived to submit their resignations immediately after UML decided to withdraw support from the Dahal-led government. During this, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Physical Infrastructure and Transport Raghubir Mahaseth, leading the UML ministers in the government, informed Prime Minister Dahal about the party secretariat’s decision to withdraw support from the government.

“We have been trying to collaborate for the past four months, but now it is not possible to move forward together. During this time, we received various forms of cooperation from you, for which we thank you and request you to accept our resignation,” Mahaseth said. After this, Dahal, saying “I have nothing more to say,” sang Fatteman’s song to the UML ministers. Dahal, who became the Prime Minister on December25, 2023, with UML’s support, collaborated with Congress after three months. Dahal had formed the government with UML and other parties after breaking a year-long collaboration with Congress.

Dahal is upset with UML Chairman Oli for making an alliance with Congress, claiming that “the alliance will never break.” According to Maoist leaders, Dahal’s song could be a sign that it was a mistake to break the collaboration with Congress and join UML.

After submitting their resignations, the UML ministers took a group photo with Prime Minister Dahal.

“Breaking the partnership with Congress and excessively supporting Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Rabi Lamichhane after joining hands with UML was a mistake,” said a Maoist leader. The third party in Dahal’s government, Rastriya Swatantra Party (RSP), has also decided to leave the government. According to RSP parliamentary party chief whip Santosh Pariyar, the resignations will be submitted on Thursday due to the party’s central committee meeting on Wednesday.

“After deciding to form a government with the two major parties and UML withdrawing support, it is morally wrong to remain in the government. Our ministers will resign on Thursday,” he said. “We will bring issues that the old parties have ignored for years to the forefront even as the opposition.” He mentioned that RSP will not join any new power coalition.

After UML and RSP decided to leave the government, Prime Minister Dahal, who decided to face a vote of confidence in the Parliament, is in a deeper moral crisis. According to Baluwatar sources, as the options for power politics narrow, Dahal is unlikely to prolong the situation further. Instead, he might resign after expressing his views in the parliament session on July 7. The Prime Minister has the option to resign or face a vote of confidence in the parliament.

The Maoists proposed supporting Congress President Deuba under Article 76(3) of the Constitution to form the government. If Deuba agrees, Dahal’s argument was that after taking a vote of confidence in the Parliament and failing, it would provide a basis for the President to call for government formation under Article 76(3). However, since Deuba does not seem willing to go against the agreement with UML, Maoist leaders believe that Dahal might reconsider taking a vote of confidence.

The next Parliament session is on July 7. Some Maoist leaders have said that the Prime Minister might address the session and resign on the same day. However, one of the senior Maoist leader said that there has been no internal discussion about it yet. Maoist Secretary Devendra Poudel claims that Prime Minister Dahal will only leave after taking a vote of confidence in the Parliament. He argued that if the Prime Minister fails to secure a vote of confidence, the process of forming a government under Article 76(3) of the Constitution will commence, but it will depend on the President’s discretion. Poudel recalled that the Prime Minister also reminded the President to act according to the Constitution and said, “So far, the party’s decision is to face the Parliament. If any incidents or circumstances arise, it will be different. Otherwise, the Prime Minister will face the Parliament.”

Earlier, Nepali Congress Central Working Committee meeting also urged the Prime Minister to pave the way for forming a new government. Congress leaders believe that Dahal might choose to take a vote of confidence, hoping to prolong the situation by exploiting constitutional loopholes. The Congress meeting decided that the government should be formed under Article 76(2) of the Constitution.

“Considering that there is already an agreement among the major parties in the Parliament to form a government led by KP Sharma Oli under Article 76(2) of the Constitution and that the majority is clear in the House of Representatives, this meeting concludes that it would be appropriate for the Prime Minister to pave the way for forming a new national consensus government,” the decision of the meeting held at Deuba’s residence in Budhanilkantha stated.

Congress Parliamentary Party Chief Whip Ramesh Lekhak said they are confident that the Prime Minister will pave the way sensibly after a clear majority is against him. “Prime Minister Dahal is a sensible leader who understands politics. We believe he will not take the path of a vote of confidence but will resign after presenting his views in the Parliament,” Lekhak said.

The LSP, led by Mahanta Thakur, also stands in favor of the Congress-UML coalition. Welcoming the coalition between the two parties, LSP has decided to move forward in collaboration with the new alliance.

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