Yarsagumba is in crisis due to climate change

Mugu, June 30: The impact of climate change has a direct bearing on the high-altitude pastures in the Himalayan region. The valuable herbs like yarsagumba found in Nepal’s Himalayan areas are beginning to disappear due to the global temperature rise. Local Palju Lama said that the precious herb yarsagumba, found in the northern part of Mugum Karmarong Rural Municipality in Mugu, is starting to disappear as snowfall in the Himalayan regions has decreased in recent years.

Yarsa is typically harvested from mid-May to mid-July in areas like Sanokoiki, Thulokuiki, Riugad, Chyapne and Chapakhola within the forest region of Mugum Karmarong Rural Municipality. 

This valuable medicinal herb is found at altitudes ranging from 3,500 to 5,500 meters above sea level. The scarcity of snow this year has resulted in a decreased harvest of Yarsagumba, said Lama. 

Tej Bahadur Rokaya from Jumla Patarasi Rural Municipality-4 said that in previous years, an individual could collect between 300 to 400 pieces of yarsagumba. Rokaya said that these days an individual can barely find 50 to 100 pieces. “In the past, our household expenses were covered by the income from the herb, but now, with the reduced harvest, there is growing concern over managing the household expenses,” said Rokaya. 

Since yarsagumba is formed from the larvae of caterpillars and fungi, if not harvested for one year, it can increase the following year, said Amar Shah, head of the Division Forest Office in Mugu. According to studies, it takes 35 to 38 days for mature fungi to release spores into the soil.  In recent years, it has been observed that climate change has led to decreased production even in the Himalayan regions. Due to this, yarsagumba, along with 13,899 species of herbs found in the Himalayan region, are on the verge of extinction. Despite the government collecting billions in revenue from yarsagumba each year, there has been insufficient investment in research and studies on this issue.

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