Parliament Day being observed today

Kathmandu, June 30 : The Parliament Day is being observed today by organising a variety of programmes. The day is observed commemorating the first elected parliament that met for the first time in the country on Asar 16 2016 BS.    
The Parliament was formed following the first ever general elections held in the country in 2015 BS.    
In commemoration of the establishment of the Parliament, various programs are being organized by the Federal Parliament Secretariat and the Ex-MPs Forum today.     
The first Parliament elected Nepali Congress leader Krishna Prasad Bhattarai as Speaker on 19 Asar 2016. He was active in the role of Speaker till Poush 1, 2017, before the elected parliament was dissolved by the then King Mahendra who imposed a partyless panchayat system in the country.    
Meanwhile, in a message on the occasion, Speaker of the House of Representatives Devraj Ghimire has said that it is the need of the day to focus the parliament on the country and the people while correcting the shortcomings in the parliamentary procedures.    
“It is everyone’s responsibility to strengthen the country’s parliamentary system based on the principles and norms specified by the Constitution,” he has said in the message while emphasizing on the importance of contribution of all sides to raise the people’s faith and trust towards the Parliament.    
Though the country has a long parliamentary history, we have not been able to practice the parliamentary system continuously and make it stronger due to repeated upheavals and shocks in the political system of the country.    
Speaker Ghimire has however expressed his belief that Parliament Day would promote parliamentary democracy and provide inspiration to make Parliament lively and people-oriented. (RSS)      

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