PM Prachanda urges intellectuals to speak, write in favour of change

Kathmandu, June 21: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said those making the general people confused by spreading wrong information and creating negativity in the society do not love the country and people.

Inaugurating the sixth national conference of the Nepal Intellectuals’ Organisation here today, Prime Minister Prachanda underlined that the society could be headed towards the right path only by creating hope along with positive thinking among the people, according to PM Prachanda’s Secretariat. 

“A message should be disseminated positively in favour of forces that contributed to the history. You (intellectuals) should speak and write openly in favour of changes without any hesitation,” he stressed. 

Stating that there was a significant role of intellectuals in political changes of the country, the PM mentioned, “There was the contribution of intellectuals in revolt, peace process and constitution making. In the past, intellectuals were proactive in building organisation and ideology, it is still the same in present.”

He pointed out the need to protest the anti-change activities, sharing that disseminating the message of hope by creating positivity in society is the responsibility of intellectuals. 

The intellectuals should play the role of heading the people’s mandate towards socialism, Prime Minister Prachanda stressed.

He viewed that all should play roles from their respective areas to safeguard the achievements of the revolution, as well as prepare the ideological basis of socialism.

He clarified that he was firmly determined to build the basis of socialism even though difficult situations appeared. (RSS)

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