Eight loan-sharks swindle 38 debtors, victims claim compensation of Rs. 220 million

Nawalpur, June 20: Ganga Pariyar from Kawasoti Municipality-2, Nawalpur, borrowed Rs. 300,000 from local lender Bimala Tiwari in 2016. The interest for three months, calculated at a daily rate of Rs. 500, was already added to the loan. As time passed, the interest compounded.

According to Ganga, by 2024, the interest alone had reached Rs. 700,000. Unable to repay the amount, Ganga, despite her husband’s objections, transferred a two-and-a-half-story house worth approximately Rs. 6.5 million located at BP Chowk to Bimala’s name. 

To reclaim the house, Ganga approached the police and administrative authorities. She also filed a petition with the Loan Shark Victims’ Struggle Committee. Later, Bimala, showing integrity, returned the house after she received her Rs. 700,000 as interest amount. 

Ganga’s joy knew no bounds when she got her lost house back.

Since the Gorkhapatra Daily first reported on loan sharking news in Nawalpur, many others have received justice, similar to Ganga. 

According to Sharada Paudel, Vice-President of the Loan Shark Victims’ Struggle Committee, over 20 vic tims have received justice so far. 

“Some have got their lost houses back, some their land, some their signed blank cheques, and some have even received cash,” Vice-President Paudel said, “Our movement is still ongoing.”

The Inquiry Commission on Unfair Transactions (Loan Sharking) had given victims time to fill out application forms. By Wednesday, 38 victims from Nawalpur had submitted their forms to the District Administration Office. 

On behalf of the victims, Vice-President Paudel submitted the forms to Chief District Officer Arun Pokharel.

After receiving the forms, Chief District Officer Pokharel praised the efforts made on behalf of the victims to permanently resolve the problem of unfair transactions, which he referred to as the ‘cancer of Nepali society’. 

“This is a problem our society has faced for a long time. A commission has been formed to solve this issue. We are also ready to play a coordinating role. What should be done to prevent such activities in the future and stop the current ones? The District Administration Office is with you all,” said Chief District Officer Pokharel.

According to Janak Thapa, an advisor to the Struggle Committee, there are eight perpetrators responsible for the 38 victims. These perpetrators have been running loan sharking operations everywhere. The Struggle Committee reported that the eight perpetrators had unfairly taken the properties, land, cash, and cheques worth Rs. 219 million from the 38 victims. The victims are demanding compensation, including cash and material return.

Although the victims submitted details of the amount swindled, proof, and even information on the perpetrators’ three generations in the forms, the administration has not yet revealed the names of the perpetrators. 

Chief District Officer Pokharel said that all details would be submitted to the commission, which is to provide a long-term solution to the problem.

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