Present coalition will continue till full term: Chair Oli

Chitwan, June 7: Chairman of the UML KP Sharma Oli has urged the opposition to do politics in a civilized manner.

Interacting with journalists at Bharatpur Airport, Chairman Oli asked the opposition to do fair politics saying that the opposition has been trying to drag the issue unnecessarily.

Chair Oli said to do fair politics answering a query raised by a reporter on the involvement over the land of Giribandu tea state of Jhapa dispute.

Chair Oli said, “Many attempts are being made to break the coalition, but, it will run its full term. The coalition will not break, and there will not be any overnight change when another coalition forms. So, please, do not wish it on us. This coalition will go in the upcoming election.”

While recalling the visit of previous Prime Ministers, Sushil Koirala, Oli himself, went to India for the oath of office and secrecy ceremony of the Prime Minister in India, he said that this year the PM will also attend the ceremony.    

He clarified that UML wanted the budget to be better and the implementation part to be strong, but there has been publicity saying that UML is criticizing the budget.

“Is making a suggestion that the budget needs to be better, and rectified in places where it can be rectified wrong?” Oli questioned.

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