Ministry to reward Siyaan Rehab Centre of Hetauda

Hetauda, June 5: The Ministry of Home Affairs is awarding Siyaan Rehabilitation Centre of Makwanpur with Rs. 100,000, on the occasion of the International Day Against Narcotic Drugs. 

The centre is dedicated to rehabilitating and treating individuals struggling with drug abuse.

Considering the nationwide effectiveness of drug addiction treatment and rehabilitation, the Siyaan Rehabilitation Centre situated in Hetauda Sub-metropolitan-9 at Lamsure will receive a cash prize in recognition of its achievement.

The Ministry of Home Affairs issued a notice stating that along with Siyaan Rehabilitation Centre from Bagmati Province, Naya Jeevan Rehabilitation Centre in Baglung District from Gandaki Province will also be awarded Rs. 100,000, on the occasion of International Day Against Narcotic Drugs on June 26. 

Siyaan was selected by the Ministry of Home Affairs for its outstanding work in counselling and treatment and empowerment of young people who are addicted to different drugs. 

Saujan DC, the head of Siyaan Rehabilitation Centre, stated that the centre is presently providing treatment to 50 individuals struggling with drug abuse.

The Center’s operations are sustained by the Rs. 18,000 monthly fee paid by drug users. Additionally, the Center offers complimentary six-month residential services to two individuals struggling with substance abuse each year.

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