High-capacity transmission lines, substations being built in Bara-Parsa industrial corridor

Kathmandu, June. 3: Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) is constructing high-capacity transmission lines and substations targeting the industries operating in the Bara-Parsa industrial corridor of Birgunj.

The transmission lines and substations upgraded to supply electricity to industries that are operating in the Bara-Parsa industrial corridor, including Birgunj, are being prepared for operation, according to the NEA.

In addition, high-capacity transmission lines and substations are under construction and some are proposed for construction, said the NEA.

The Authority is going to build the infrastructure of high-capacity power transmission and distribution lines in the areas of Simara, Nijgadh, Birgunj, Parwanipur, Pokhariya, Parsauni and other areas in the Bara-Parsa industrial corridor.

To solve the problem of Birgunj Industrial Corridor, the Authority is replacing the conductors of the 132 kV double-circuit transmission line from Pathlaiya (Piluwa) substation in Bara to Parwanipur. 

The power supply from one of the double circuits is being stopped and the old conductors are being taken out and replaced with high capacity (HTLS) conductors, said the NEA.

After the completion of the work of one circuit, the work of the second circuit will be started. The upgrading of the transmission line is being advanced with the goal of being completed within mid-June, this year. 

The present capacity of Pathlaiya (Piluwa)-Parwanipur transmission line is to transmit 200 megawatts, after changing the conductor, the capacity will increase and almost double. 

The conductor of Hetauda-Pathlaiya 132 kV transmission line has also been doubled in capacity. This will make it easier for more electricity to flow towards Parwanipur.

Managing Director of NEA Kul Man Ghising conducted on-site monitoring and requested the contractors and the project management to complete the work of replacing the conductor as soon as possible.

Ghising said, “There is a complaint of power supply problem in Birgunj area due to the closure of one circuit for the capacity upgrade of the transmission line. In the meantime, due to the inability to supply more power from Pathlaiya, we have to import power from Raxaul in India.  In such a sensitive situation, the work should be carried out to complete the work before the scheduled time.”

He said that as the capacity of the Pathlaiya-Parwanipur transmission line would be doubled from the current one, the surplus electricity could be exported to Raxaul.

He said that high-capacity transmission lines and substations were under construction so that the industries of Birgunj area could get power supply from 132 kV transmission line.

The two substations of 132 kV are under construction at Parsauni of Bara and Birgunj targeting the industries of Birgunj area. 

Similarly, a 132 kV transmission line has been proposed from Parwanipur to Pokhariya to meet the growing industrial demand for electricity in the Birgunj area. A substation is under construction at Pokhariya. The design of Parwanipur-Pokhariya transmission line of about 21 km has been prepared.

Under the Hetauda-Dhalkebar-Inaruwa 400 kV transmission line, another project has been started to construct a 400 kV substation at Nijgadh in Bara and extend the line to Pokhariya via Ramauli, said the NEA. The length of the proposed 400 kV transmission line project will be 65 km.

Three substations of 400 kV will be constructed at Nijgadh, Ramauli and Pokhariya. The survey of Nijgadh-Ramauli-Pokhariya transmission line has been completed. The preliminary environmental survey report is in the process of approval.

The Nijgadh substation will be constructed with a concessional loan from the Exim Bank of India. According to the NEA, the Nijgadh-Ramauli 38-km transmission line and substation at Ramauli would be constructed with concessional loan from Asian Development Bank.

However, the investment for the construction of Ramauli-Pokhariya 27-km transmission line and Pokhariya substation have not been managed so far.

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