Minister Chaudhary stresses for drivers’ training

Bhaktapur, June 4: In a bid to curb rising traffic accidents, Minister for Women, Children and Senior Citizens, Bhagbati Chaudhary, emphasised that drivers should be made acquainted with traffic rules before their driving licenses are issued.

Speaking at the 20th anniversary of the Community Police Service Centre, Gattaghar and the unveiling of a community mirror souvenir, Minister Chaudhary underscored the need for comprehensive training in traffic rules for license applicants. 

“To mitigate accidents, drivers must undergo extensive training on traffic regulations before obtaining licenses,” said Minister Chaudhary. “It is crucial to instill discipline regarding driving routes, distances, crossing protocols and overtaking procedures,” she added.

Acknowledging the efforts of the traffic police, Minister Chaudhary stressed the importance of ensuring that law enforcement activities do not unduly inconvenience citizens. “While it’s imperative to take action upon those who breach the law, our actions should not inflict undue hardship on citizens,” she said.

Highlighting the lingering societal apprehension towards law enforcement agencies, Minister Chaudhary emphasised the need to perceive the police as public servants dedicated to serving citizens. She commended Community Police Service Centres for fostering cooperation between communities and law enforcement agencies, promoting a positive message.

Discussing legislative initiatives, Minister Chaudhary outlined provisions within the Senior Citizens Act, mandating that children allocate 10 per cent of their earnings to support their parents. She assured the forthcoming formulation and enforcement of regulations to enforce this mandate, aiming to address cases of parental neglect and discrimination. “It’s unfortunate that some parents face neglect or discrimination from their own families. Hence, the government is committed to ensuring that parents receive 10 per cent of their children’s earnings,” added Minister Chaudhary.

Moreover, she announced plans to establish senior citizen centres across municipalities to facilitate interaction and support the elderly. Despite budgetary constraints, the ministry is steadfast in pursuing these initiatives.

Addressing broader social issues, Minister Chaudhary stressed the collective responsibility of society in combating violence against women and children. She urged community organisations to prioritise community welfare in their endeavours.

The event, chaired by Khemraj Subedi, President of the Community Development and Service Centre, saw participation from prominent figures including Bagmati Province’s Minister of Agriculture and Livestock Development, Dr. Rajendraman Shrestha, Bagmati Province Assembly Member Dhaneshwari Prajapati, Additional Inspector General of Nepal Police Deepak Thapa and Bhaktapur’s Chief District Officer Roshni Kumari Shrestha, all advocating for collaborative community engagement.

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