CREASION Nepal collects 25 tonnes waste from Sunkoshi

Kathmandu, June 2: CREASION Nepal, in collaboration with Golanjor Rural Municipality, Youth Cohorts, the Armed Police Force, Nepal Police, Traffic Police, and other stakeholders, completed a river clean-up campaign that removed 24,575 kilograms of waste from the Sunkoshi river banks and waste hotspots. 

Over 134 people participated in a river clean-up campaign organised by Project CAP (Collaborative Approach for Preventing Plastic Leakages in Rivers) in Khurkot, Golanjor-7 under the PLEASE (Plastic Free Rivers and Seas of South Asia) on Friday.

According to Ujjwal Upadhay, team lead for project CAP said that as part of this project, they gathered in Golanjor-7 to begin the river clean-up activity because they were supposed to conduct at least 12 river clean-up campaigns together, one in each of the seven municipalities that signed a Memorandum of Understanding with them. 

As a result, all the people representing government bodies and bureaucrats, security forces such as the Armed Police Force, Nepal Police, Traffic Police, and local NGOs, particularly those working in the fields of social mobilisation, and solid waste management came together, with more than 30 staff members of CREASION Nepal and members of the VFC youth cohort.

“In collaboration with Golanjor Rural Municipality, we were able to transfer 24,575 kg of waste from the riverside to another proposed landfill site using a loader, an excavator and two trippers (20 trips, each carrying 1.2 tons of waste). CAP project helped in opening the way to the new landfill site, and the rest of the waste was managed in the previous hotspot using standard waste management mechanisms.”

“The clean-up campaign on the dumping site yesterday and this morning was haywire. It was unmanaged, disastrous, and that area has now been completely recovered and cleaned up, so today’s river clean-up campaign has achieved its goal thus far,” Upadhay added. 

Aanand Mishra, founder and president of CREASION, stressed the importance of individual responsibility in conserving natural resources. “We should not rely solely on external motivation or funding for crucial work like nature conservation. This commitment should come from within, ensuring a better future for Nepal. However, in some cases, such incentives are necessary for innovative solutions.”

He added, “It depends on whether we leave clean hills and mountains or polluted ones. We must understand that our actions today are for ourselves, our country, and our community, ensuring a better environment for future generations.” 

Similarly, Shankar Baral, Chairperson of Golanjor Municipality, said, “Golanjor Rural Municipality has been experiencing waste problems as a result of rapid urbanisation, and it is severe in Golanjor. Plastic bottles and waste could be found everywhere. We express our sheer commitment to help CREASION Nepal in its movement of keeping the rivers of Nepal clean across Nepal with a collaborative approach.”

According to Sujata Koirala, VFC-Youth Cohort is an initiative within the project aimed at inspiring the next generation to recycle, which will empower young minds to take charge of their environment’s future. 

“Through campaigns, advocacy programmes and community outreach programmes, we aim to instill a sense of responsibility and enthusiasm for sustainable practices among youth and larger communities,” she said. 

Aasha Kumari Sah, a dedicated advocate for youth rights and education and the Bardibas Coordinator for the VFC-Youth Cohort, emphasised the importance of this initiative. “Our goal is to equip young people with the knowledge and tools they need to make a tangible difference in their communities. By fostering a culture of recycling, we can collectively work towards a cleaner and greener planet,” said Sha. 

Youth leaders will spearhead campaigns to raise awareness about the importance of recycling and sustainable living practices in their communities. This initiative not only aims to enhance environmental consciousness but also seeks to empower the youth, providing them with leadership opportunities and a platform to voice their ideas and solutions for a sustainable future.

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