Govt. committed to concluding remaining task of transitional justice: PM Prachanda

Kathmandu, May 28: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said the government is committed to taking the peace process to a logical conclusion as well as concluding the remaining task of transitional justice.    

At a special function organised at Nepal Army Pavilion, Tundikhel today on the occasion of Republic Day, Prime Minister Prachanda said that most of the activities related to conflict management and establishment of peace have been completed to address the sentiments of the constitution.     

“The government is firmed to take the peace process to the logical conclusion and complete the remaining activities of transitional justice”, he added.   

 As he said. Nepal’s practice in conflict management and establishment of peace has been established as a new example in the world.    

He explained that allowance has been distributed to the left injured and mutilated during the armed conflict and people’s movement with the management of compensation, treatment, employment opportunities, financial assistance, and rehabilitation facilities for the conflict-affected families. 

The PM clarified that the three-tier elections held in a free, fearless, and impartial manner have strengthened the federal governance system in the country, adding the three-level governments function for the welfare and prosperity of the citizens.    

“The government is committed to advancing the country towards its national aspiration for prosperous Nepal, happy Nepali along with the establishment of political stability, good governance, development, and social justice as it yearns for achieving a socialism-oriented socio-economic transformation as per the need of the nation and the citizens,” the Prime Minister said.    

As the head of the government announced, the effective implementation of the constitution, strengthening of federalism, economic reform and recovery, promotion of good governance, improvement, and simplification in public service delivery system, the establishment of civic-friendly governance, and the prevention of corruption are the top priorities of the government.   

According to him, those communities who were pushed into exclusions for ages to age now have their rights and participation in the decision-making levels at the State’s various bodies following a revolutionary change in the nation.    

Communities that endured centuries of oppression, including those subjected to untouchability, now hold positions in 6,743 wards and other State bodies.    

The women community who are referred to as ‘half the sky’ were largely confined to the domestic roles. But with the historic transformation in the country, they lead the 753 local levels as the mayors or the deputy mayors.    

Stating that women’s participation has been ensured not only in the public sector but also in the political and social sectors, the Prime Minister said various constitutional commissions are working to promote the rights of those communities facing exclusion and to mainstream their participation in each body of the State.

“We are commemorating Republic Day as a milestone in Nepal’s journey towards prosperity, symbolizing the eradication of social, cultural, and economic disparities that have long existed plagued Nepali society.”  (RSS)     

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