Businessmen welcome Thai Ambassador Suwapong

Kathmandu, May 28: Businessmen associated with Nepal-Thailand Chamber of Commerce and Industry welcomed newly appointed ambassador Khun Suwapong Sirisorn to Nepal on Monday in Kathmandu. 

The businessmen had welcomed Ambassador Suwapong and embassy staff with bouquets and tokens of love during a programme. 

In the welcome programme, President of Nepal-Thailand Chamber of Commerce and Industries Ajay Mudbhari said that Nepali businessmen were in search of opportunities in Thailand. He further said that the newly appointed ambassador was expected to assist them in finding new avenues in Thailand. 

Stating that good diplomatic relationship between Nepal and Thailand was maintained for long, President Mudbhari expressed confidence that the newly appointed ambassador would take the relationship to a new height. 

“We the people of the private sector will cooperate for the task,” he added. 

He also mentioned that the ex-ambassador who returned home after his tenure in Nepal had now become the Foreign Minister of the Thai government and said that this would help in the economic, social and cultural developments between the two countries. 

Ambassador Suwapong said that his tenure in Nepal, which is full of natural beauty, would be exciting. “During a courtesy call, the President told me that Nepal is beautiful,” he said, adding that he also found the places as beautiful as mentioned. 

The ambassador also assured the businessmen that he would always be ready to help as much as possible during his tenure. About 40 businessmen affiliated with Nepal-Thailand Chamber of Commerce and Industries participated in the programme.

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