Irrigation project brings happiness to farmers

Myagdi, May 28: The construction of Lungdikhola Bhedabari Dulepani irrigation project in Jaljala Rural Municipality-7 of Parbat district has been completed. 

With the completion of the irrigation project, the farmers of Bhedabari, Dulepani and Lamabagar are happy to be able to irrigate their fields. The land that was barren due to lack of irrigation has turned green now. 

Five years ago, during the expansion of Milanchowk-Salyan, Ghayakhet-Dharapani-Thotneri roads, landslides damaged the irrigation canals, and the farmers of this area had been depending on rainfall for cultivation.

Due to lack of irrigation facilities, there was a reduction in vegetable production in this area which is pocket area of vegetable production.

The Water Resources and Irrigation Development Division Office, Parbat has implemented the project which was advanced by the Gandaki Province government.

To complete the construction within 19 months, the Division Office signed a contract with Sunforce Solar and Construction Company, Kathmandu on 1 September 2023 for Rs. 9.2 million.

Chakrapani Paudel, Chairman of the Consumers’ Committee, said that the work was completed within eight months of the contract agreement and the project was brought into operation.

Ramchandra Timilsina, engineer of the Water Resources and Irrigation Development Division Office, said that water was brought from Lungdikhola, which is 1800 metre away from Bhedabari, through a 225 mm HDPE pipeline. 

According to him, an intake at resource, two crossing bridges and four distribution chambers have been constructed. Engineer Timilsina said that as it was impossible to build a canal due to weak geography, it was hoped that the irrigation project would be sustainable when the pipeline was installed. 

He said that although the project had been brought into operation, some works were pending. Around Rs. 7 million are yet to be paid to the contractors due to lack of budget. The farmers of this area were deprived of irrigation facilities for the past five years. 

Chairman of the consumer committee Paudel said, “Some fields were barren due to lack of irrigation facilities. The irrigation canal was damaged by landslides. After the completion of the irrigation project, the farmers have started irrigating the fields.” 

According to Paudel, about 800 to 1000 ropanis of land of about 100 households of this area have been provided with irrigation facilities round the year.

Laxmi Prasad Acharya, a local resident of Bhedabari, who kept his field barren for three years in lack of irrigation facilities, has prepared the plan to plant paddy in June this year.

Acharya said that after the completion of the project, the compulsion for local farmers to wait for rain to plant paddy has been ended. 

Ward Chairman of Jaljala Rural Municipality-7 Tunganath Acharya said that it was expected to increase the production of fresh vegetables in this area after access to irrigation facilities had been ensured throughout the year.

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