Republic culture need of hour: Info Minister Sharma

Kathmandu, May 28 : Minister for Communications and Information Technology, Rekha Sharma, has said it is essential to strengthen republic system by developing it as a culture. Fostering republic values and characters is need of hour, she underlined.    
Giving a message of best wishes on the occasion of the 17th Republic Day today, Minister Sharma viewed wrongdoing is not allowed in republic. This system must be flourished by ensuring equality where wrongdoer is not condoned, according to her.    
She extended best wishes to all brothers and sisters on the occasion of the Republic Day and paid tribute to those who got martyrdom in various historic movements including people’s war.    
“I pay deep respect to all those such as political leaders, cadres, civil society, general public, the ones gone disappeared and injured for their significant contributions to usher country to the present federal republic,” she said, reminding that it has been over 16 years the country became republic after the abolishment of 240-year-old monarchy.    
She explained the historic achievements of the new system like federalism, inclusive and proportional representation and secularism. These historic and political gains need to be protected and republic system flourished accordingly.    
Minister Sharma argued that the republic has mainstreamed all castes, genders, and communities in state affairs as a transformation of country. A common responsibility for the country has been created to protect and promote national interest. The country’s independence and sovereignty have been bolstered, she reminded.    
“Change in political system is people’s ambition for decades. Now, with the change in system, it is our responsibility to change people’s status,” Minister Sharma underlined. Leveraging the political achievements and proper utilization of available resources, time has come for us to build good governance, social justice and prosperity, thereby creating socialism, she reiterated.  (RSS)      

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