Economic, technical support need for countries affected by climate change: PM Prachanda

Kathmandu, May 22: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said that economic and technical aid is necessary for countries affected by climate change. 

Addressing the ‘Mountains, Human and Climate Change: International Dialogue of Experts’ in Kathmandu on Wednesday, PM ‘Prachanda’ said that the serious effect observed in the denizens of mountainous countries due to climate change needs to be addressed.   

“Due to the terrible injustice committed to us, the mountain ecosystems along with the citizens of the country have been seriously affected by the climate-induced disaster. We strongly demand justice for us,” said PM Prachanda. 

Mentioning the need to distribute sufficient, forecasting and accessible funds and technology based on local leadership, PM Prachanda emphasized that the subject of running a loss and damage fund in a full-fledged manner should be given priority in an equal and transparent manner.

PM Prachanda said, “We request that the most vulnerable women, youth, children, people with disabilities, indigenous tribes and local communities living in the mountains should be prioritized for climate action.”

After signing the Paris Agreement, the PM mentioned that Nepal is fully committed to reducing climate change, and the goal is to achieve zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045, five years ahead of the global target.

He said, “We will utilize the potential of hydropower to secure clean energy. We are already protecting 45 per cent of the land area of the forest.” 

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