PM, Ministers’ property details made public

Kathmandu, May 21: Property details of the members of the Councils of Ministers including the Prime Minister have been made public today as per the decision of the Cabinet.

PM Prachanda has 14 kattha of land, 2.5 million rupees in Bank

According to the property details made public, Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has a house within 14 Kattha of land at Ward no. 14 in Bharatpur Metropolis. This land property is registered in the name of PM Prachanda spouse late Sita Dahal and that it is inherited property.

Similarly, PM Prachanda has a kattha of land at Ward no. 1 of Bharatpur Metropolitan City and that it was received as part of inheritance and is in the name of his spouse Sita.

PM Prachanda also has five tola of gold and this was also received as parental property.

PM Prachanda has 2.5 million rupees at the bank account of Everest Bank and that it was received as salary and allowances as the member of the parliament. PM Prachanda has no loan, vehicles and agricultural or livestock property.

Deputy PM Mahaseth has 43 tola of gold, over 20 million rupees

Deputy PM and Minister for Physical Infrastructure Raghubir Mahaseth has 43 tola of gold and one and a half kg of silver.

He has two houses, one in Lalitpur Metropolis and the other in Janakpur Sub-metropolis while his spouse Julikumari Mahato own a house build in 3 Kaththa of land in Janakpur.

DPM Mahaseth has a house in the area of 2 ropani 13 ana land in Lalitpur metropolis.

Similarly, his spouse Julikumari has 7 bigha 3 Kattha of land at Bishwshwarnath Municipality, 4 Kattha in Kamalamai Municipality, 1 ropani and 7 ana in Lalitpur metropolis and 3 kattha and 11 dhur in Janakpur sub-metropolis.

DPM Mahaseth has over 20 million rupees in cash, 7 pieces of gold ring, 3 pieces of gold chain, 2 pair of gold bangles.

Home Minister Lamichhane’s spouse has 80 tola gold

According to the property details made public, DPM and Home Minister Ravi Lamichhane has 1 ropani and 1 ana of land as inheritance in Bhaktapur. He has 110 thousan rupees in bank accounts.

DPM Lamichhane’s spouse owns 10 ropani of land in Kathmandu as share from her parental property, 80 tola gold, 20 kg silver and 25 per cent in Gopi Krishna Central Complex while they have a loan amounting to Rs. 15 million, which was taken to buy a house. They also own an EV costing Rs. 4.2 million.

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