PM confident of Sunkoshi-Marin Project making quantitative contribution in economy

Kathmandu, May 8: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ expressed his confidence that with the implementation of the Sunkoshi-Marin Diversion Multipurpose Project (SMDMP), there will be a quantitative contribution to the national economy.

Conducting a breakthrough of the SMDMP tunnel at Kanadhungri of Sunkoshi rural municipality-7 in Sindhuli district today, PM Prachanda believed that the irrigation system will be improved and the agricultural produce would increase after the project is completed.

“This project will ensure irrigation facility to the fertile land of five districts in Madhesh Province which will ensure qualitative contribution in the national economy besides generating electricity,” PM Prachanda said, addressing the event after making the breakthrough. 

“The breakthrough of a tunnel under the project has been made, and the remaining works of the Project will be completed within the stipulated time,” the PM hoped.

It may be noted that the breakthrough of the 13.3 kilometers long tunnel stretching from Kusumtar, Kamalamai municipality-2 to Kanadhungri of Sunkoshi rural municipality-7 was completed a year ahead of the target. 

Stating that the SMDMP was a transformative national project, PM Prachanda opined that the timely execution of such projects would significantly contribute in the goal of productivity increment and prosperity.

In his address, the Head of the Government mentioned that the breakthrough of the tunnel had infused new energy and encouragement in all of us and has added enthusiasm in construction of huge infrastructures. 

Stating that the agriculture sector is the main backbone of Nepal’s economic development and a sector to contribute nearly one third to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the PM argued that it was imperative to increase agricultural production and productivity so as to become self-sufficient in food supply, ensure food security and advance economic status of the people.

Sharing that 60 per cent of arable land of Nepal is within Terai Madhesh and Inner Madhesh region, PM Prachanda said that the irrigation projects being run in Terai-Madhesh zone were based on river water flow system. 

Pressing for utilizing water originated from glaciers for agricultural production, the PM on the occasion pledged to leverage same source of water for generating electricity, drinking water supply and other purposes for overall development of the country.

Arguing that the goals of good-governance, social justice and prosperity could be achieved through the successful construction of the mega infrastructures, he instructed the concerned parties for timely completion of mega projects.

He also urged cooperation and support from all quarters for timely completion of transformative national projects.

According to him, the successful implementation of the SMDMP had spoken volume for the technical efficiency achieved by the technicians working in hydro power projects and irrigation sector by optimizing new technology.

He viewed that by optimizing water resources, we could increase agricultural produces and productivity thereby reducing the imbalance of imports.

The PM also expressed that upon the operation of the SMDMP, the demography around Sunkoshi and Tamakoshi river basin area would witness multifaceted development for them. 

He opined that fishery and tourism business would also boom in these areas with the operation of the project. The project is expected to provide irrigation facilities on 122 thousand hectares area in Bara, Rautahat, Sarlahi, Mahottari and Dhanusha districts.   (RSS)

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