‘Solidarity must for addressing identity issues’

hmandu, May 7: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has called upon all the marginalised classes, castes and communities to show solidarity in implementing the identity and national issues.

During the announcement of the Bagmati Province Official Language Act and the Language Day programme on Monday, Prime Minister Prachanda urged the people of the marginalised classes, castes and communities to recognise their real representatives and safeguard their rights.

Nepal’s constitutional framework, grounded in federalism, republicanism, secularism, inclusivity and proportionality stands as a testament to the sacrifices made by its people, he said.

He stressed the importance of collective unity in fulfilling the Constitution’s objectives. “Both my party and I have fought tirelessly to secure identity and rights within the framework of the new constitution,” Prime Minister Prachanda said, adding, “We played a pivotal role in ensuring that the rights enshrined within the Constitution are safeguarded and upheld.”

“Hence, on this momentous occasion, I earnestly urge all oppressed classes, castes, and communities to identify their genuine representatives and stand together in support of the national issue for identity and rights,” he said.

Prime Minister Prachanda said that through sincere and persistent efforts, the remaining rights yet to be institutionalised in the Constitution would gradually be realised.

Highlighting that the Constitution allows provinces to designate one or more national languages in addition to Nepali, based on the majority of the speakers within the province, the Prime Minister expressed happiness that the legislation proposed by the Language Commission and passed by the Bagmati Provincial Assembly to regulate the language used in provincial government affairs was put into effect.

Recalling his decision during his first term as the Prime Minister to declare Nepal Sambat as a national calendar, he decided to make Nepal Sambat mandatory in the official documents in his third term and clarified that the implementation of the decision was underway.

He also stressed the need to strengthen internal nationalism alongside the pursuit of establishing identity and rights.

He further said that today 

marks a momentous occasion of pride for those dedicated to the independence, self-respect and prosperity of the nation.

“This day has given important inspirations and energy to the aspirations and dedication toward constructing a socialist-oriented, advanced nation, marked by the cessation of prevailing class, ethnic, regional, gender, and social injustices within the country. Hence, today holds significant importance for oppressed communities such as Newar, Tamang and others,” said Prime Minister Prachanda.

He also emphasised his ongoing efforts in advocating for the identity and rights of all classes, castes, regions, genders, and communities, according to the distinct characteristics and social fabric of Nepali society.

PM Prachanda expressed his belief that the implementation of Nepal Sambat will be more effective and other provinces will also be guided to address linguistic and cultural rights by creating provincial laws as stipulated in the constitution.

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