PM Prachanda appeals for solidarity in execution of identity and national issues

Kathmandu, May 6: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has appealed to all the oppressed classes, ethnicities and communities to express their solidarity in implementing identity and national issues.     

At a programme to declare the launching of the Bagmati Province Government’s Language of Government Works Act, 2080 and the Language Day 2024 here today, PM Prachanda made this appeal, calling on the oppressed classes, castes and communities to protect their rights by identifying their true representative.     

Referring to the establishment of a constitutional system with federalism, republicanism, secularism, inclusion and proportionality, the PM stressed that the solidarity of all should be expressed to complete the constitution.     

“My party and I had waged a major struggle to establish identity and rights in the new constitution. We had played a decisive role for whatever rights were written in the constitution,” Prime Minister Prachanda said, “Therefore, I heartily appeal to all the oppressed classes, castes and communities on this historic occasion to recognize their real representatives and show solidarity in the implementation of the national issue of identity and rights.”     

Prime Minister Prachanda expressed the belief that if sincere and continuous efforts are made, the remaining rights to be institutionalized in the constitution will gradually be established.     

Stating that the constitution provides that in addition to the Nepali language, the province can decide on one or more other national languages spoken by the majority of the people in the province as the language for government works, the Prime Minister expressed his happiness that the Act passed by the Bagmati Provincial Assembly on the recommendation of the Language Commission to make provision for the provincial government’s official language has been implemented.     

Stating that he had decided to celebrate Nepal Sambat as a national calendar during his first term as Prime Minister, PM Prachanda said it was decided to make Nepal Sambat mandatory in the official documents in his third term and clarified that the implementation of that decision is underway.     

The Head of Government stressed the need to strengthen internal nationalism along with establishing identity and rights, stating that today is a special day of pride for those who want independence, self-respect and prosperity in the country.     

Prime Minister Prachanda said, “This day has given important inspiration and energy to the aspiration and commitment to build a socialist-oriented advanced nation by ending the existing class, ethnic, regional, gender, and regional oppression in the country. Therefore, today is an important day for the oppressed castes like Newa, Tamang, etc.”     

Stating that he is constantly struggling for the identity and rights of all classes, castes, regions, genders and communities according to the characteristics and social structure of Nepali society, PM Prachanda expressed the confidence this day will guide other provinces also towards addressing the linguistic, cultural rights by making the provincial laws as provided for in the constitution. It will also guide towards making the implementation of the Nepal Sambat further effective, he added. (RSS)

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