EU ambassador pays courtesy call on VP Yadav

Kathmandu, May 3: Veronique Lorenzo, Ambassador of the European Union (EU) to Nepal, paid a courtesy call to Vice President Ramsahay Prasad Yadav Thursday.

The meeting took place at the Vice President’s office in Lanchaur on Thursday morning, where both Vice President Yadav and Ambassador Lorenzo discussed various topics, including bilateral relations and climate change. 

Vice President Yadav expressed satisfaction with the longstanding friendly ties between Nepal and the European Union since 1974, emphasising Nepal’s commitment to this partnership.

Marking the golden anniversary of diplomatic relations between Nepal and the EU this year, Vice President Yadav extended his congratulations and highlighted the EU’s significant role as Nepal’s primary development partner. He appreciated EU-supported initiatives in health, education, sanitation, and rural development, expressing optimism for extended cooperation in Nepal’s key sectors.

Vice President Yadav also acknowledged the EU’s contributions to remote areas, particularly in Karnali Province, underscoring the shared values of democracy and multilateralism between Nepal and the EU. Emphasising the importance of global cooperation in addressing contemporary challenges like epidemics and climate change, he reiterated Nepal’s readiness to collaborate further.

Furthermore, Vice President Yadav expressed gratitude for the international community’s support during Nepal’s political transformation, affirming his belief in the EU’s continued assistance in fulfilling Nepal’s economic aspirations while maintaining its political achievements.

In response, EU Ambassador Veronique Lorenzo commended Nepal’s rich cultural heritage and expressed the EU’s interest in promoting social inclusion and education. She highlighted the EU’s focus on supporting various sectors, including agriculture, through investment and economic growth initiatives. 

Ambassador Lorenzo assured ongoing EU support in Nepal, mentioning an upcoming ‘Business Forum’ conference in India with participation from over a hundred companies, underscoring the EU’s commitment to fostering development in Nepal’s less developed regions.

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