Kathmandu again ranked world’s most polluted city with AQI 162

Kathmandu, May 2: Kathmandu, the federal capital of Nepal, has been again ranked the world’s most polluted city.     

According to the data of the Air Quality Index today, Kathmandu’s overall AQI has reached 162 while Chiang Mai city of Thailand is in the second position and Medan of Indonesia has been identified as the world’s third most polluted city.     

According to the people concerned, air pollution is soaring in Kathmandu due to rising incidents of forest fire amidst the increasing temperature.     

The National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Authority, today, records 165 incidents of forest fire in 39 districts across the country.     

According to wildfire expert, Sundar Sharma, the increasing number of forest fires has contributed to air pollution in major cities of the country including the federal capital. If no rainfall in the next few days, it will be challenging to contain the forest fire and reduce air pollution, according to him.     

Meteorologist Govinda Jha said there are no chances of rainfall immediately despite a brief rain in some parts.     

Disaster management expert Dr Dharma Raj Upreti said AQI from 0-50 is considered good for public health as it is indicated by a green signal while 51-100 is moderate and marked by yellow, but it still warns us to be careful on time.     

It is unhealthy specifically for sensitive groups such as those who have respiratory and cardio issues if measured from 101-150 and is it highlighted by orange.     

Similarly, AQI from 151-200 is indicated by red to suggest that it is unhealthy for all, 201-300 is highlighted by purple and it is very unhealthy. If it is measured 301-400, it is hazardous and 401-500 is highly hazardous and they are denoted by maroon.     

Air Quality Management Action Plan for the Kathmandu Valley, 2076 BS considers the situation measuring AQI above 300 as a disaster. (RSS)

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