Rurukshetra installs fire hydrants

Gulmi, May 2: Rurukshetra Rural Municipality in Gulmi district has taken a proactive step in enhancing safety from fire by installing fire hydrants at strategic locations. 

Laxman Pandey, the Chief Administrative Officer of the rural municipality, said that seven fire hydrants were installed across the village.

These fire hydrants have been strategically placed in  Ridi Bazaar of Ward No. 1, Baletaxar Bazaar of Ward No. 4 and two in Ranibas Bazaar, as informed by  Pandey.

 He emphasised the importance of these hydrants, noting that they would play a crucial role in fire containment, especially in situations when it takes time for the fire brigades to reach the incident sites.

Chief Administrative Officer Pandey proposed an innovative solution to further improve fire response capabilities, suggesting that each municipality invest to buy one or two tractors equipped with pea pumps, similar to fire engines.  According to him, such tractors will enable locals to fight fires immediately.

Yadu Gyawali, the chairman of the rural municipality, underscored the significance of the fire hydrants, likening them to miniature fire engines that can swiftly tackle fires before they escalate. He emphasised the need for such measures, particularly in cases where traditional fire engines are not readily available or face delays.

In addition to installing fire hydrants, the rural municipality has stocked up fire safety equipment, including fire suits, fireballs, fire extinguishers and gloves at the emergency operation centre.

Plans are underway to identify key water pipeline locations for further installation of fire hydrants in various villages, settlements and forest areas adjacent to communities. These hydrants serve as a vital firefighting technique in areas inaccessible to traditional fire engines, allowing water to be directed to the source of the fire.

The recent fire incidents in Rurukshetra Rural Municipality damaged seven houses, three bungalows and numerous water pipes. 

Immediate relief efforts are being organised, including the distribution of clothing, food items, and financial assistance for temporary arrangements, according to the rural municipality.

 The municipality is also documenting the extent of the damage and coordinating with the reconstruction authority to facilitate the rehabilitation and reconstruction process for affected households, it said. 

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