135th May Day: NHRC calls for promoting labour rights

Kathmandu, May 1: The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has urged the government and all the bodies concerned to implement the provision of minimum remuneration fixed by the government for workers. 

Issuing a press note on the occasion of the 135th International Labor Day today, the NHRC wants the incorporation of workers from all sectors in the Social Security Fund, the creation of an atmosphere conducive to safe and decent work for all, and an end to all forms of labor exploitation. 

Stressing the effective implementation of national and international laws regarding the strengthening of workers’ rights, the national human rights body expressed its concern over a large exodus of Nepali youths in search of abroad job opportunities because of what it says the lack of employment environment and work dignity inside the country.

The issues of delayed payment, labor exploitation, and violation of other rights of workers in the private sector have been reported to the NHRC. Moreover, its attention has been drawn to the reported cases of violence and sexual harassment against children forced to work in brick kilns, hotels, restaurants, and private homes due to poverty. 

Various researches indicate that workplace incidents leading to injuries, mutilations, and, tragically, fatalities persist in Nepal, as reported by the NHRC. The NHRC  has stressed the need to uphold fundamental labor rights, such as respect for labor, non-discrimination for equal work, providing appointment letters, preventing child labor, ensuring minimum wages, offering leave and rest facilities, maintaining a safe working environment, providing social security, upholding the right to trade union, and supporting collective bargaining. It has reminded one and all that these rights are enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, relevant UN Conventions ratified by Nepal, ILO standards, Nepal’s constitution, labor laws, and associated regulations.

As the world observes May Day or Labour Day today, the focus is on advocating for safety and health in workplaces amidst a rising climate crisis. In Nepal, this day is commemorated under the theme of “decent work, respect for labor: our campaign.” (RSS)

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