Petrol shortage recurring problem in Dadeldhura

Dadeldhura, may.1: Dadeldhura, where recurring petrol shortages are common, has been grappling with a petrol shortage for the past week. Despite having two petrol pumps in the district headquarters, petrol shortages occur when imports are irregular. 

Previously, shortages occurred due to frequent closure of the petrol pumps. Petrol shortages were common when pump operators had to attend events such as fairs, weddings and other events, resulting in pump closures.

This time, the situation deteriorated further as one person died in an accident involving a tanker from the Ugratara Oil Store in Kirtipur, district headquarters, hitting the individual.

On April 24, an individual lost his life in an accident involving a tanker, with registration number Sudurpaschim Province 04-001 B 0012, belonging to the Ugratara Oil Store in Budar, Jorayal Rural Municipality-2, Doti, colliding with a motorcycle bearing registration number Sudurpaschim Province 01-011 P 5219.

Ramesh B.K., 36, from Katase, Janaki Rural Municipality of Kailali, who was traveling from Kailali to Dadeldhura on a motorcycle, lost his life in the accident. His wife, Laxmi B.K. sustained injuries in the incident.

Nayab Subba Chandra Rokaya of the District Administration Office in Dadeldhura said that there is a shortage of petroleum products in Dadeldhura. 

This shortage occurred because the tanker involved in the accident is now under police control, and the operator of the Ugratara Oil Store is busy settling the case.

According to Rokaya, an agreement has been reached to provide Rs. 900,000 as compensation to the family of the deceased individual, B.K. He mentioned that since the agreement has been finalized, he will inform the District Police Office Doti and request the release of the tanker, which is currently under police custody.

Similarly, the sale of petrol has been halted for a month now following the breakdown of the pump at Sahasralinga Birbetar Oil Store in Dhundhune, located in the district headquarters.

When questioned about the closure of the pump, the operator informed that they had sent the pump for repairs, but it had not been fixed yet, said Rokaya. 

He mentioned that the shortage of petrol in district is a result of the closure of the two petrol pumps. Additionally, he stated that they are collaborating with the pump operators to resolve the issue and ensure the supply of petroleum products.

The shortage of petroleum products is making it increasingly challenging to operate vehicles and cargo trucks. With petrol in short supply, drivers are compelled to pay as much as Rs. 300 for one liter of petrol, which is available in the market.

Baburam Shrestha, a local voiced his concern, stating that the shortage of petrol, is causing significant problems for traders, employees, and individuals who rely on jeeps, cars, and motorcycles for transportation.

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