Nepali containers now reach Ramite to import goods

Sindhupalchowk, Apr. 5: Nepali containers have started entering the Chinese territory for importing goods. For the first time after the devastating earthquake of 2015, Nepali containers have started getting permission to reach close to Khasa Bazaar, Tibet, an autonomous region of China, to carry the imported goods.

More than a dozen containers, vans and vehicles from Nepal now reach the yard of the import centre located near Khasa Bazaar from Tatopani border point. Due to the reconstruction of Khasa Bazaar, which was destroyed by the earthquake, the Nepali container cannot reach there.

Chief District Officer of Sindhupalchowk Jhakka Prasad Acharya said that the vehicles and drivers can reach the import centre yard located in the lower area of Ramite below Khasa Bazaar to import goods.

 He said that even though no official letter or details were not received yet, Nepali freight vehicles were reaching Ramite to import goods. According to the District Administration Office, the Chinese side was positive in the meetings held between the officials of Nepal and China at different stages, and the containers and drivers were able to enter the Chinese territory to bring goods. 

Senior Vice President of Sindhupalchowk Chamber of Commerce and Industry Umesh Pradhan said that this step was promising for the full operation of the Nepal-China border. He said that the work done by the Chinese government to bring the Tatopani border into operation fully had created hope among the Nepal government and businessmen. China has shown interest in exports as well as imports. Fruits, clothes and electrical goods are being imported.

China has advanced various plans to make the Tatopani border more manageable. Khasa Bazaar is being developed as a smart city, and the reconstruction works and building of physical infrastructure are in progress.

The Chinese government has a plan to complete the reconstruction of Khasa Bazaar within two years. Due to the earthquake and aftershocks, Khasa Bazar, Ramite Bazaar and the Chinese markets were destroyed.

After the reconstruction, China is preparing to resettle its people in Khasa, Ramite and the border areas. Chinese hotels and shops have started opening in the Ramite area after the Nepali cargo vehicles and drivers started reaching there.

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