70,000 litres water tank being built in Dharapani

Bardibas, Mar. 31: Mayor Prahlad Chhetri laid the foundation stone for a new water tank with a capacity of 70,000 litres in Dharapani on Friday.

Water supply had long been a major challenge in Dharapani, situated midway between Chure and Bhavar in Bardibas-3. According to 75-year-old Prem Bahadur Thapa from the village, there had been no drinking water problem before. 

The forests were lush green, and there was continuous water flow in Satpatre Gorge, Hattimara, and Nau Gorge around the village. Thapa fondly reminisced about a time when the villagers’ thirst was quenched by the pure and sweet water flowing from these sources.

However, over time, these water sources began to run dry. The surrounding dense forests receded, and the once lush fields turned into a desert. Thapa attributed this environmental degradation to the village’s transformation into a dry land.

“This village remained a Dharapani in name only. Although there was a stream, it became dry. There wasn’t even moisture in the riverbed. Despite having the capacity to irrigate, we couldn’t provide water as the streams are drying up,” said Thapa.

According to Sher Bahadur Raut, Chairman of the Water Consumer Committee, the population of Dharapani was around 500, with 80 families residing there. A decade ago, in response to drying wells, an 85-feet deep well was dug near the Bhavasi River, 2 km to the west. However, as the population grew, the well’s output couldn’t meet the demand. Six months ago, the tank connected to the well burst, exacerbating water scarcity in Dharapani.

Reportedly, the shortage of water led to numerous health and sanitation issues, particularly concerning the rearing of four-legged animals.

“Now, with the foundation of a larger tank (70,000 litres) laid, hopes are high that the water problem in the village will be resolved. This has brought relief to all the villagers,” added Raut.

Mayor Chhetri disclosed that Rs.120,000 had been allocated from the city-level plan to address Dharapani’s water supply issue. “With the construction of this new tank, I assure you that Dharapani’s thirst will soon be quenched,” reassured Mayor Chhetri.

Bardibas Ward No.3 Chairman Virat Bista stated that the construction work had been expedited and is scheduled to be completed by June 2025.

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