Work of Senior Citizens Concern Centre highly effective: Minister Sharma

Ghorahi (Dang) Mar 28: Minister for Communication and Information Technology Rekha Sharma said that the elderly citizens are getting lonely lately with the development of the changing society. 

Addressing the meeting and greeting program organized at the Senior Citizens Concern Centre, Teraute, Ghorahi sub-metropolitan city-16, Dang on Thursday, Minister Sharma said that the Senior Citizens Concern Centre is doing effective work. 

She stressed that this should be further organized. 

Minister Sharma said that the centre has eased the living of senior citizens, who are in solitary because of the strenuous time with family members.

Saying that some families are compelled to live separately even single families because of the busyness in work and responsibilities because of which elderlies are getting lonely these days. 

Even though it is the responsibility of the family to take care of elderlies, incidents of discrimination and abandoning them in elderly homes, are being recorded, therefore, such incidents should be tried to subdue in the home by giving love and care to senior citizens. 

Minister said that in the recent generation, there has been an increase in problems in fulfilling the duties of parents, stressing that all agencies of the state should pay attention to moral education and awareness of responsibility towards parents in the young generation. 

Minister Sharma said that she will try her best to build the park at the Senior Citizens Concern Centre and other necessary initiatives for the construction of physical structures. 

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