PSC to reform employee management

Karnali, March 8: The Public Service Commission (PSC) has decided to bring reform in employee management with continuous improvement in the recruitment process, tests, curriculums and exam system.     

In order to retain trust, PSC is to uphold the fair competition and ensure meritocracy. The fourth national conference of PSC held in Surkhet issued a declaration with these pledges on Thursday.     

PSC member Bir Bahadur Rai shared right candidate would be selected via fair competition that contributes to the institutional development of the federal system and good governance. The principles, values and good practices established by the PSC would be continued, he informed as mentioned in the declaration.     

The two-day conference was held under the theme of ‘Competence, impartiality and fairness: PSC’s commitment.’ It issued five-point declaration and 13-point decision.     

Constitutional values, inclusive principles and selection criteria would be fostered by the PSC.     

As per the decision, PSC is for revising curriculums of various services and posts (both technical and non-technical). Further effectiveness in PSC works would be guaranteed.     

Performance indicators of government employees would be created in line with PSC principles and values and uniformity created on spending on exam conduct and management.     

The two-day conference was attended by PSC chair and members, office bearers of province PSC, secretaries, joint secretaries and other employees.(RSS)

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