My aim is not post but Good Governence, Prosperity: PM Prachanda

Kathmandu, Mar 7: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ said that he has no greed for the post but rather has a goal to ensure good governance, social justice and prosperity of the country.

Responding to the important issues raised in the Parliament on Thursday, the PM said that he is committed to ensuring good governance in the country on behalf of all involved in the new coalition.  

PM Prachanda, said, “I believe that we will achieve the goal of good governance by standing together. I commit on behalf of all the stakeholders involved in the new coalition that our aim will not be power and post rather it will be to ensure good governance, justice and prosperity.”

While recalling what he has repeatedly said about being unsatisfied with the pace of the government, PM expressed his belief that the future work and outcome of the government will be proved in the coming days.

PM Prachanda, said, “I had two options, one is to run the average ad hoc government by protecting its coalition party or to move forward in national building as per the political commitment even by risking my post. I chose the second option. That was risky and it is being observed in the incidents that have been going on for the last two days. I believe that how much this government can be output-centric will be proved primarily at the time of taking a vote of confidence.”

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