Government should be sensitive to Madhes issues-lawmaker Yadav

Kathmandu, March 6: Lawmaker Mukta Kumari Yadav called for the government to remain sensitive to the issues of Madhes province, including usury victims, sugarcane farmers and dowry survivors.    

She questioned whether the dream of prosperity can be materialized by suppressing the farmers in agriculture country Nepal.    
Talking to RSS, National Assembly member Yadav further shared the farmers of Madhes province, the main hub of agriculture production in Nepal, today were lamenting for adopting the agriculture profession.    

“Madhes province has been left behind by the State in every way. We have promulgated the Constitution through the Constituent Assembly to build a prosperous nation being committed to socialism based on democratic values and values in the country, and to fulfill the goals of peace, good governance and prosperity in the country through federalism”, she said, adding much have however remained unaddressed to this date.   

She went on reflecting, “How much have we addressed the promised agenda? How much have we been able to address the demands of the people? How sensitive has the State become in protecting and protecting the rights of the people as enshrined in the Constitution?”    

Today is the time to ask questions, the lawmaker from the Nepali Congress mentioned, calling the State agencies to remain sensitive to the discrimination being meted out in the name of religion, culture, caste and region. (RSS)

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