Kalaghar blossoming attractive tourist destination in Sindhuli

Sindhuli, Mar. 4: Kalaghar Sindhuli, situated in Chapauli of Kamalamai Municipality-3 in Sindhuli district, is emerging as a sought-after tourist spot.

 The number of domestic and foreign tourists coming to observe the traditional, original, and endangered local and modern art culture created in the under-construction Kalaghar Sindhuli with the aim of promoting art culture is increasing.

Local accounts affirm that visitors are greeted with a traditional musical ensemble called Panchebaja, performed by young women from Kalaghar Sindhuli, donned in traditional attire. 

This cultural gesture, once limited to a specific caste, has now evolved into a vibrant tool for tourism promotion. 

The Panchebaja conservation initiative led by Kalaghar Sindhuli has significantly enhanced the area’s visibility.

Khil Prasad Sigdel, a local teacher, describes the art gallery as a source of ancient, endangered art forms, indigenous artefacts and traditional artworks.

 He said that the younger generation now has the opportunity to witness traditional art and culture, including indigenous and endangered materials. 

Presently, the art gallery showcases a variety of endangered wooden artefacts such as ‘Theki’, ‘Harpe’, ‘Madani’ and  others. 

 It also features depictions of iconic structures like the Pashupatinath Temple, Janaki Temple, Buddhist stupas, Dharahara, and other cultural symbols.

Suman Thapa Magar, President of Kalaghar Sindhuli, highlighted the expanding recognition of Kalaghar artists, who have showcased their talents not only across Nepal but also in international arenas like Hong Kong, Malaysia, Dubai and Dehradun, India.

 Emphasising the transformation of Kalaghar into an art museum, he said, “Our aim is to evolve Sindhuli Kalaghar into a cultural academy, preserving traditional art while fostering innovation.”

President Thapa Magar further added, “Our vision is to transform every household in Nepal into an abode of art through the art gallery, safeguarding Nepali traditional art and nurturing it as a hub for new artistic expressions.”

Locals foresee that with further development, Kalaghar, already a model in Sindhuli district, could blossom into a premier tourist destination not only within the district but throughout Nepal.

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