Valley receives pre-monsoon rainfall, snow in mountains

Kathmandu, Mar. 4: With the onset of the pre-monsoon on March 1, the country experienced substantial rainfall across Bagmati, Gandaki, Lumbini, Sudhurpaschim, and Karnali provinces and snowfall in the highland areas on Saturday and Sunday.

Denizens were happy after receiving the rainfall in a long gap, as the Kathmandu Valley has not received substantial rainfall since September last year. 

The current rainfall and snowfall is due to the influence of the Western Low-Pressure System (Western Disturbance), said Sanjeev Adhikary, a senior meteorologist at the Meteorological Forecasting Division under the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology (DHM).

The current rainfall is typical of pre-monsoon rains, but it bears the influence of western systems, similar to the winter period. However, Adhikary added that this pattern of rainfall during the pre-monsoon season was expected and considered normal. 

The DHM also issued a special bulletin alerting people about the possibility of light to moderate rainfall across the country, excluding the Tarai areas of Koshi and Mades Provinces. 

Helambhu in Sindhupalchowk received light rainfall, while the upper parts experienced snowfall since Sunday morning, resulting in a slight decrease in temperature. “This system will gradually improve from Monday,” Adhikary added.

In the last 24 hours until 6:15 pm, Jumla received 27.8 mm of rainfall, Surkhet received 29 mm, Dhangadhi  19.3 mm and Jumla  14.5 mm of rainfall.

On Monday also, the weather forecast indicates general cloudy conditions in the hilly areas, while the Tarai areas will experience relatively fair weather. There is a possibility of traces of light rain at a few places in the hilly regions of Gandaki Province and Karnali Province, as well as at one or two places in the hilly regions of the remaining provinces. 

Also, there are chances of light snowfall at one or two places in the high hilly and mountainous regions of the country, the DHM said.

Meanwhile, our correspondent from Jumla reported that the high Himalayan region in the district received heavy snowfall on Sunday. The snowfall also blocked Nagma Highway and flights to and from Jumla.

The Jumla Road Division Office has issued a notice regarding the recent heavy snowfall. 

According to the office, from early morning until now, Jumla and Mugu districts have experienced light snowfall, leading to light snow cover up to 7 metres towards Mugu district from Bulbul. 

Trekkers planning to travel in this area are advised to obtain essential information for a safe journey. The heavy snowfall and rainfall have caused a decrease in temperature in the district

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