Republic is the outcome of martyrs’ blood, sweat and sacrifices: Minister Sharma

Ghorahi (Dang), March 3: Minister for Communications and Information Technology, Rekha Sharma, has said nobody can dare challenge the federal democratic republic established on the foundation of the blood, sweat and sacrifices of the martyrs.    

Minister Sharma said this while addressing a programme of garlanding the statues of the martyrs, who laid down their life for establishing the republic, organized on the occasion of the CPN (Maoist Centre)’s Martyrs’ Week at the Sahid Park, Ghorahi Sub-Metropolitan City -6 in Dang today.    

She reiterated that nobody should under estimate the contribution and sacrifices of many martyrs for establishing the present system and change.    

Describing the federal democratic republic as the most developed of political systems in the world, Minister Sharma said there is no room for anyone questioning this system.    

Although the elements who want to create instability have been criticizing the existing political order, all should understand the foundation of establishing the republic and its dimension, she further added.    

“It is about to be two decades since the initiation of the peace process in the country. It was said the peace process would be finalized in six months. It has actually become too late by this time. The remaining works of the peace process should be taken to a meaningful conclusion at the soonest by keeping them in priority. The government is seriously working to that end,” said Minister Sharma, who is also the government spokesperson.    

She stressed that now there should not be any delay in providing justice to the individuals and families of those who suffered due to the long struggle waged for changing the political system in the country.    

“The government is in the process of having the bill related to transitional justice passed from the parliament,” the Communications Minister said, adding that getting the bill passed from the parliament is important for addressing the topic related to the disappeared combatants. She added that a work procedure has been prepared ensuring the medical treatment of the combatants injured during the people’s movement.    

The CPN (Maoist Centre) has been observing the Martyr’s Week every year from Fagun 14 to 21 as per the Nepali calendar. (RSS)        

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