Watermills disappearing in Bajura

Bajura, Feb. 29: The traditional watermills, known as Paani Ghatta in Nepali, which have been in operation in Bajura district for generations have, of late, disappeared.

Lately, with the supply of electricity in villages, traditional watermills have become extinct. Locals attribute this decline to the fading usage of watermills, which the previous generations used to grind grains such as wheat, millet, corn, and sorghum. However, people these days grind them in power-run mills. 

Most of the watermills operating in Swamikartik, Himali, Jaganath, Gaumul, Chhededaha, Triveni, Badimalika and Budhiganga Municipalities of the district are now non-operational.

According to Dale Nepali, a local from Jayabageshowari in Chhededaha Rural Municipality-2, the traditional watermill disappeared with the availability of electricity in the village. Many locals have also lost their jobs with the disappearance of watermills, he added.

Initially, most villagers used to install watermills near the village river, and they supported their families with the income generated from them. However, this traditional profession has been supplanted by electric mills in the village.

Pauna Sarki of Timada in Budhiganga-10 said that with the introduction of mills operating with new technology in the villages, mills run by using water have significantly decreased. 

“Initially, after grinding the grains, we used to collect the flour as charge. Nowadays, mill owners charge money instead of receiving flour. It benefits those who have cash, but it poses a problem for those who lack money,” he added.

Sarki explained that previously, when grinding 20 kilograms of grains, one kilogram of flour would be given to the mill owner, whereas now, locals have to pay Rs. 4 per kilogram.

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