Orphanage in Manma seeks financial assistance

Kalikot, Feb. 28: Orphan children under the care of Nanyo Kakh Sewa Samaj in Manma, the district headquarters of Kalikot, are now facing difficulties in meeting basic needs due to the lack of support.

The Society, responsible for the welfare of the orphans, is grappling with food and housing problems as no external assistance has been received so far. 

The society, established in 2022, has been dedicated to the care and nurturing of orphaned children but is currently struggling to meet the needs of the children due to limited funds.

Kalpana Malla, the operator of the orphanage, expressing her desperation, revealed that she had exhausted all personal resources, including selling her property and gold ornaments, to provide food for the children. Despite previous efforts, the society now finds itself in a dire situation, with monthly expenses exceeding one hundred and fifty thousand, covering school fees, food, and building rent.

Malla emphasised that they had previously relied on personal funds but are now in urgent need of government and non-governmental agencies’ assistance. 

With tears in her eyes, she lamented the lack of support, stating that even though her UK visa had arrived, she was torn between her commitment to social service and the overwhelming challenges at hand.

The orphanage owner, determined to continue serving the children, expressed concern over the unpaid school fees and the imminent threat of closure. Kalpana appealed to the local and foreign communities for financial support, highlighting the distressing situation children could face.

Talking to The Rising Nepal, Malla urged those willing to help to come forward. She stressed the need for assistance in managing the funds required to run the orphanage, especially during the ongoing annual exams at the schools.

The orphanage operators face both financial constraints and a lack of support from the local and national levels. Malla’s emotional plea aims to draw attention to the critical situation, emphasising the immediate need for assistance to ensure the well-being of the destitute children in their care.

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