Nepalis in UK eager to work for betterment of Nepal

London, Feb. 28: Nepali citizens residing in the United Kingdom (UK) have reaffirmed their dedication to utilise their knowledge, expertise, skills, and capabilities for the betterment of Nepal.

Nepali entrepreneurs and experts in various fields such as health, education, engineering, information technology, law, and accounting, participating in a two-day interaction organised by the Nepali Embassy in London, expressed their readiness to contribute to Nepal’s development and economic transformation.

The longstanding relationship between Nepal and the UK is evolving, and expanding in new dimensions. There is a concerted effort to institutionalise and sustain such engagements by fostering connections between relevant stakeholders and agencies in Nepal, said Gyan Chandra Acharya, Nepali Ambassador to the UK.

This approach is expected to significantly contribute to the country’s policymaking landscape, he added.

Rudra Koirala, president of the Nepalese Engineer’s Association in the UK, said that they were collaborating with various business organisations after recognising the developmental needs of Nepal. 

Dr. Kamal Aryal, former president of the Nepalese Doctors’ Association in the UK, said that they had already conducted nine medical training sessions in Nepal and plan to organise more in the future.

Dr. Bachchu Kailash Kaini, a professor at Anglia Ruskin University and a management expert at the National Health Service (NHS), shared that skill exchanges and training sessions are being facilitated between hospitals in the UK and Nepal. 

He shared the potential for medical leadership development, health effectiveness, and health finance management within Nepal’s healthcare sector.

It is estimated that there are about 150,000 Nepalese diaspora in the UK.

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