Village in Limi Valley getting emptied due to migration

Humla, Feb. 27: More than half of the households in Til Village of Limi Valley in Namkha Rural Municipality-6, Humla, have deserted the village over the last 10 years.

People have abandoned the traditional occupation of farming as the attraction toward city life has led people to migrate to the nearby urban centres.

Tsering Tamang, a local of Til village, said that more than half of the villagers migrated to Kathmandu over the past few years, and it seemed that the village would be empty soon.

“Earlier, people used to go to Kathmandu and New Delhi for business but they used to return home after some time, but now people migrating to the urban centres had locked their houses and it seemed that they would not return any time soon,” said Tamang.

Only the elderly, people with disabilities and a few children are left in the village. He said that only 50 people were residing in the village. 

Paljor Tamang, Ward Chairperson of Limi, said that out of 44 households in Til Village, only 20 households are currently living in the village.

“A total of 24 families have left the village in the last 10 years, and two to three families leave the village every year. Living in the village has become difficult due to the compulsion of carrying food, clothes and all the essential items from outside, and it is the main reason for the migration of the increasing number of villagers,” said Chairman Tamang.

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