Majhi Museum built in Sunsari’s Madhuban

Barahachhettera, Feb, 26: Nepal Majhi National Museum has been built at Madhuban Sukrabare in Sunsari district to preserve the customs, art, artefacts and culture of the Majhi community.

Chini Maya Majhi, Central President of the Majhi Development Association, said that the tools used in their rituals from birth to death will be kept in the museum located in Barahachhetra Municplaity-11 of the district. 

All the antique occupational items of the Majhi community including boats, fishing nets, dhoksa and other archaeologically valuable items will be collected and kept in the museum, said Babindra Lal Majhi, General Secretary of Majhi Promotion Association.  

However, the budget constraint has hindered the collection of valuable items used by the Majhi Community.

He said, “The construction of a pond on the premises of the museum area has also not progressed as per the DPR.”

Separate buildings of the museum, community building and meeting hall have been constructed on 10 kattha of land.  

The museum, community building and meeting hall have been constructed with the financial assistance of the Department of Archaeology, Koshi Province government, National Foundation for Development of Indigenous Nationalities (NFDIN), Sanepa, and Barahachhetra Municipality to protect the culture art and artefacts of the marginalised Majhi community.

According to the Nepal Majhi Development Association, the new generation is forgetting their own culture, tradition and occupation and the museum is set up to preserve them.      

According to the National Census, 2021, the population of Majhi community is 111,352, and Majhi community lives in 43 local levels in 63 districts, according to Ghanshyam Majhi. 

Sindhuli district has the highest population of Majhi community. There are 10,873 people in Sindhuli. 

Padam Bahadur Majhi, former general secretary of the Majhi Development Association, said that the museum has been built so that the new generation can get information and understand the identity of the Majhi community. 

He said, “The museum will develop as a place to hand over their culture and costumes to the new generation.”

Although the building and halls have been constructed, the museum has not been completed due to lack of budget. 

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