NCC urges envoy Paudyal to promote exports in Canada

Kathmandu, Feb. 23: Nepal Chamber of Commerce (NCC) has requested the newly appointed Ambassador of Nepal to Canada, Bharat Raj Paudyal, to take initiatives for the promotion of the export of Nepali goods in Canada. 

President of NCC Rajendra Malla asked Ambassador Paudyal to facilitate the export promotion of the country during a meeting held at the Chamber Building in Jamal, Kathmandu, on Thursday.

He said, “Canada can be a good market for the export of Nepali goods. If the export of jewellery, pashmina, carpet, chhurpi and ghee items can be facilitated, the existing trade deficit can be reduced to some extent.”

Malla said that the Nepal House concept should be used for the integrated sale of goods exported from Nepal. 

He emphasised that a business environment should be created so that direct trade relations between Nepal and Canada are maintained. 

According to him, there should be an initiative from the government level for this.

He said that the number of Nepali students in Canada has been high in recent years and the policy of studying and earning should be fruitful for the state. 

He said that if an initiative could be taken to bring in one tourist through each Nepali studying or staying in Canada, it would benefit Nepal’s tourism sector.

Malla also urged Paudyal to play a role in attracting investment from the Canadian private sector. 

He said, “Nepal is organising an international investment conference in April, it is necessary to take initiatives for investment in Nepal’s potential sector, including infrastructure, tourism, energy and information technology.”

During the meeting, Ambassador Paudyal said that his main focus in Canada was to facilitate trade and increase investment in Nepal. He said that he would initiate B2B meetings between the private sector of Nepal and Canada.

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