Peace training centre in Panchkhal now equipped with solar power

Kathmandu, Feb. 23: The Birendra Peace Operation Training Centre (BPOTC), Panchkhal, Kavrepalchowk, of the Nepali Army has been installed with a 185 kVA hybrid solar power system. 

Funded under the security programme of the Global Peace Operation Initiative (GPOI) of the Department of State of America, the hybrid solar power panels were installed and brought into use at the BPOTC, Panchkhal, on Wednesday. 

Visiting Deputy Assistant Secretary Rachel Schiller for the Programmes and Operations in the Bureau of Political-Military Affairs’ (PM) of the Department of State, inaugurated the newly installed hybrid solar power plant at a special function held at the premises of BPOTC on Wednesday, the only training centre for the Nepali Army peacekeepers and peacekeepers who arrived from different other nations.

Addressing the function, Deputy Asst. Secretary Schiller said that the U.S. government was happy to support the Nepali Army’s BPOTC in installing the solar power panel, the very first of its kind support and technical assistance to any peacekeeping missions before. She said that it is a trilateral partnership programme between the United Nations, the United States and Nepali Army.

Deputy Asst. Secretary Schiller said that from the diesel generator situation to a hybrid solar generator using situation today, it will help reduce carbon emission to be made by the deploying peacekeepers and control non-renewal fuel consumption. 

Schiller recognised the UN office for designing the hybrid solar concept for the peacekeepers and the Nepali Army leadership in pursuing this initiative for the peacekeepers.

She said that this solar power system will serve as a catalyst for the UN, troops contributing countries to the UN peacekeeping operations and donors to advance environmental stewardship. 

“The U.S. government feels proud to partner with you in greening the blue,” Schiller said.  

Major General Prem Dhoj Adhikari and Chief Director for the Directorate General Military Operation (DGMO) said that since the establishing of the bilateral relationship between Nepal and the U.S. in 1948, the U.S. government has been contributing to enhance the capabilities of the Nepali Army. 

He said that the partnership in the field of peacekeeping between Nepal and the U.S. began from 2000 A.D. with the commencement of the multinational platoon training exercise.

“It ensures through the night and day time solar power facility to the main Kabindra Hall and all around its sub-offices at BPOTC,” said Lieutenant Colonel Subesh Kayastha, head of the training wing at BPOTC. In the future, the unused solar power will also be connected to the national grid, said Lt. Colonel Kayastha.  

“The installed solar power system is of the capacity to provide power facility to a strength of battalion structure, where there usually are 850 personnel,” said Kayastha.  

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