Local govt provides uniforms to the students in Kalikot

Kalikot, Feb. 18: Tilagufa Municipality in Kalikot district is actively supporting students enrolled at Dargam Community School. The municipality has extended its assistance by providing uniforms to a community school situated in Ward No. 9 of the municipality.

Mahendra Bahadur Shahi, Deputy Mayor, upon his visit to the school last Friday, distributed uniforms to students in classes 1 to 5 attending Satyanarayan Basic School. The municipality allocated a sum of Rs. 39,000 for the students, acknowledging the geographical challenges faced by the school, and emphasising that even a simple uniform can pose a financial burden.

Shahi highlighted the municipality’s commitment to understanding and addressing the challenges faced by remote schools. He mentioned that, in the past, some schools received uniforms with the assistance of the locals. The local government representatives are dedicated to comprehending the issues of schools operating amid resource shortages, ensuring continued support for students in remote areas. 

Meghe Katuwal, Chairman of the School Management Committee, expressed gratitude for the municipality’s recognition of the challenges faced by students in remote schools. Katuwal emphasised that this support instills confidence among students, assuring them that the government cares for them. School Principal Kul Khatri echoed these sentiments, stating that the financial burden on parents has been alleviated with the assistance of the municipality. He emphasised that any form of government support, whether small or large, serves as a positive encouragement for everyone involved.

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