Lumbini government aims to create 200,000 jobs in two years

Deukhuri, Feb. 12:The Lumbini Provincial government has begun the process of preparing the second periodic plan of the province. 

It has begun the initiative to solicit stakeholders’ opinions and suggestions for the plan that would be implemented from the coming Fiscal Year 2024/25 for the next five years. 

The Provincial Planning Commission (PPC) Lumbini has also asked the concerned sectors to help in the planning of the plan as the allocation of the budget for various development programmes and activities will be based on this document. 

At the same time, the provincial government is looking for the role of the private sector in the periodic planning especially in the area of the industrial and commercial sector development. Dr. Sudan Kumar Oli, Member of the PPC Lumbini, urged the private sector to focus on production and job creation as the government aims to increase income generation activities and create more jobs in the upcoming years. 

He said, “The private sector should be informed about the potential of each district in Lumbini and the support that the government should be provided. The government will proceed according to their suggestions and plans.”

Vice-Chairman of the PPC, Dr. Nahakul KC, informed that the Lumbini government prepared the framework for the Chief Minister’s Economic Development Programme, and claimed that it would create jobs by increasing, promoting and commercialising local productivity. 

The provincial government aims at creating about 200,000 jobs through the promotion of agriculture, and youth entrepreneurship in service and other areas in the next two years

“The government has a clear strategy and is aware that it cannot make much progress by moving ahead alone. It needs the help of the private sector in finding markets and selling local products,” said Dr. KC. 

Health Minister of Lumbini, Raju Khanal, informed that the development model of the province would be included in the periodical plan. According to him, the government closely understands the problems of industrialists and will cooperate with them in solving them. 

Although it is positive to have a policy dialogue with the private sector while the government is preparing the second periodical plan, the representatives of the private sector have urged the government to pay attention to the implementation of the plan.

Krishna Prasad Sharma of the Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Lumbini said that issues of increasing production and boosting economic activities should be included in the periodic plan.

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