‘Aim to promote Nepal as best investment destination’

Kathmandu, Feb 8: The third meeting of the Third Investment Summit Steering Committee concluded on Thursday under the coordination of  Finance Minister Dr Prakash Sharan Mahat, who is the coordinator of the Steering Committee. The meeting was held at Singha Durbar. 

There was a discussion on the report and projects on policies, laws and structural improvement in the meeting, which was made targeting the third investment summit.

Addressing the meeting Dr Mahat said that the foreign investors are showing interest in investing in Nepal and directed to prepare the projects seriously.  

Finance Minister Mahat said, “There is an immense opportunity to attract investors. The government will do its best to make improvements in the law and policies in a way that attracts foreign, domestic as well as Non-retuning Nepali (NRN) investors. The summit aims to convey the message to the world that Nepal is the best destination for investment. It can be done by easing the investment, implementation and operation of the project and making easily take profits outside the country as well.”

In the meeting, Minister Dr Mahat informed that the World Bank is ready to organize a conference of World Bank concessional lending institutions (IDA) in Nepal next June. The formal letter about it will arrive soon. This will be the largest international summit so far in Nepal. There will be the participation of representatives from more than 92 countries as well as the chairman of the World Bank. 

“We will host an investment summit on April 28-29 before the international summit. If we can make this summit eventful then not only will there be an increase in international companies but it will increase the prospect of individual investment as well. So, we need to be open,”  he said. 

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