Employees’ valid demands will be addressed: Finance Minister Mahat

Kapilvastu, Feb.6: Finance Minister Dr Prakash Sharan Mahat said that the evaluation will be based on results rather than who is in charge of which position.

After taking stock of the Krishnanagar Customs Office and Internal Revenue Office on Wednesday, Dr Mahat, said, “The valid demand of the employees will be addressed immediately by the government, but we need results. The assessment will be based on results.”

According to Dr Mahat, said, “We will reach the target of revenue once we evaluate the business based on discipline and transparency.”

Requesting to bear in mind the changing nature of business, he said, “We cannot get what was there yesterday. Therefore, it is necessary to keep in mind what kinds of businesses are shrinking and what kinds are growing to realize the targeted revenue.”

Saying that there is interdependence in customs and revenue, he said, “If we can mark which things came legally or which came illegally through customs, then it will be easy to monitor through the angle of revenue.”

He said, “Many things have been included in the value-added tax (VAT), and from that we can determine how much the economic transition and income. Currently, the restaurant and hotel industries are growing. It should be monitored to determine how much trade is being made by the newly registered business.” 

He directed employees to work with discipline and transparency to increase revenue. “Pain should not be given unnecessarily, meanwhile, one needs to be mindful. Whatever is dimmed fair, that should be done seriously.”

 “There is a need for a large investment to build the whole structure in pleases with road accessibility, therefore, there is less possibility to build new structure immediately,” he said. 

He directed newly appointed employees to heed discipline and transparency. 

Recalling the confusion about taxing new businesses, he said, “New businessperson needs to be connected to the tax system.”

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